Growing beards isn’t just for the long haul, sometimes it is for special life events. Whether it is for “No Shave November” or a “Full Term Baby Beard” or maybe even just “Long Haul” growth, there are a few things that you need to do to make sure you can make it past the inevitable itches.
It happens to all of us no matter what kind of hair you have, the two week itch and the two month itch. Both can be handled in a similar way, though there are different commitments.


Beating the Two Week Itch:

After you have been shave free for around 14 days you will find yourself scratching more. This is due to the epidermis drying out which may be caused by your bathing schedule, your climate, or new growth breaching the skin.

When growing a beard however your “normal” ways of dealing with this can be hindered. At two weeks you are looking at a growth from ⅛” to ¼” depending on your physiology. If you typically do not have an itchy face and you develop one it is because the oils that typically coat your skin are now wicking to your hair or your hands from you now massaging your new growth.

An easy and cheap way to deal with this is a standard lotion; I suggest Gold Bond Ultimate based on the viscosity and all day performance. Continue daily application of the lotion after each bathing period until you have a hard time getting to the skin. Make sure to rub it in fully because you don’t want to be found with a blotch of it on your face looking like There’s Something About Mary.

When you start to itch make sure you lotion. Your beard is like a sports car, when it’s young it needs a lot of attention so when it hits its peak you can move to the 5000 mile oil.


Defeating the Two Month Itch:

You have made it through the initial itch and now have something to show for it. You will have gotten compliments on your beard and you would love to smile was it not for the dry flaky skin directly above your upper lip. Your growthis too thick to work lotion all the way to the epidermis now without a fair bit of massaging.

The solution is Beard Oil. We suggest Beard Friendly” Beard Oil or try Honest Amish Beard Oil. This stuff will hit your skin like a refreshing spring after a 14 mile hike in the middle of a steamy, Georgian summer. You may opt for a beard balm if you have thinner hair follicles that will work in the same way; but beware that this can clump and cause unsightly splotches of wax. Whatever form you go with, oil or balm, make sure you like the outcome.
*NOTE: Balms offer some style options such was a mustache twist, oils are best for a full combed beard with natural styling.
Balms and oils will mat down your beard some and help you wrangle some of the wild creatures that is sprouting just below your ear hole. You need to test and find the correct amount that will give you the fullness and non-itch comfort that you are looking for. No one wants to see their beard fall flat or not recover from a long night’s rest. To assist in volumizing, use a beard and mustache comb to style your seasoning manliness.

As your beard ages, just like standard hair, you can keep it looking good with slight grooming and trims. Don’t be afraid to shape it to accentuate your facial features. And, remember, unlike hair on your head it won’t go bald so have fun with it.

Stand Tall and Grow Long.


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