Name: Jeffrey Bruckwicki
Beard Club: Scalpers / bc
Social Handle: @JeffreySeamster
How long have you been growing your current beard?
I started growing my beard when we found out my wife was pregnant (at five weeks). That makes my current beard 16 weeks old, yes you should be jealous. The photo in this post is from around a 14 week old beard.
When were you last beardless?
Earlier this year. I tend to go through phases of beardless and bearded. But, even as a young man I grew facial hair, from side burns to moustache. I had it.
Do you trim your beard? How?
When I grow a beard I don’t trim. For the first two weeks I clean up my neck but after that time my beard is long enough that I don’t look unkempt. If I need to clean myself up I use a small Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer.
 It gets the job done and cleans my cheeks up nicely.
Beard products?
I condition my beard once a week and use beard oil daily. I typically use a Head & Shoulders shampoo but always use  Beard Friendly Beard Oil, currently the First Aid.
What do you do?
I am co-owner of Nock Co. and HL HUMAN with the amazing Brad Dowdy. My day job is sewing pen/pencil cases and running the day-to-day at the shop. On my website Bruckwicki Design I have a portfolio and sometime makes and presale items like my current Sad Day Postcard collection on sale until the 1st of December. At Beard Friendly, Kevin Dollar and I mix a mean beard oil and stay true to the Scalpers / bc lifestyle. I have been able to keep all of my brands vegan and will continue that pursuit because man-made shit is nice.
Beard affects?
My beard doesn’t effect my life in any way but positively. Sitting in a small warehouse all day no one really sees me and when I have meetings no one looks at me more weird. I am already a six foot, bald, skinny, vegan, tattooed guy so what’s a nice beard gonna hurt? Stand tall and Grow long.

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