Alright…here it is, this is me, being a worldy man who does things in the world..I’m going to be strong,

and just come out, say some words that I know many of you also feel. Breathe Ezz, Breathe it in: Fuck

Shaving, Fuck that Fucking act of Fucking Fuckness!!!! If it was me vs. shaving in a Michael Jackson style

‘Beat It’ knife fight, I would use every dirty damn trick in the book, I’d kick it in the vagina balls and

round house that pinky toe until it dropped begging for mercy!


Whew, now that I’ve umnumshiva’d that whole situation, I also must admit it is my choice to shave and I

accept that, a few years back I got the itch to shave off my beard for giggles and shits and did what any

other Man would do and shave it into different awesome styles before hammering the whole thing off,

but in that moment when I was about to hit under my nose I said “Hold on a damn second, this

mustache is glorious and I mustn’t, nay! SHANT shave it off!!” From there I went through a couple of

years of gels, creams, foams you name it, and I actually settled on using a rosemary hand soap before a

shower, the spackling some shea butter as the after shave. It worked better than anything, but I would

still get mild irritation on the underside of my neck and chin.


Then the gents at BeardBlog tossed a jar of Beard Bars Cream Shave to me to see how it works. So I

gave it the stiffest test right off the bat. Everyone has done this, the stubble is thick and coarse, you try

to represent 5 ‘oclock shadow cleanly but know that George Michael has that game on lock and you

don’t want to shame him!! So you run some hot water, wipe your face down, and proceed to scrape

and scratch your way to a shaved, yet mangled face. I set a hot towel on my dry, morning face and

rubbed the cream shave on both hands and added the thin layer to my face. Notice I said thin, this is

not a ‘make another beard’ then shave cream, you really don’t have to use/waste much.


Once finished I wiped my face and went on my way, no shea butter, nothing, I just wanted to see how it

would do without my normal after-shaving routine. I was extremely confused at how my face felt after,

especially since I hopped on my bike and ran some errands, usually I would feel irritation rising and just

deal with it. My face felt cooled and soothed, I prepared for itchiness and irritation that never came. No

bumps needed to be tended to, I was pleasantly surprised. When I got back home from my 2.5 ride I

checked the ingredients, and wouldn’t you know it? Cocoa and Shea butter are added to the natural

ingredient Cream Shave, that’s why my face was so silky smooth and feeling like a minx on a salty fall


I can see how some people may be deterred from the cream and its $14 tag, but fear not, I haven’t even

used half of it in the two months I’ve had my jar. It’s a long lasting excellent cream that’s definitely a

part of my shaving routine. Kudos Folx at Beard Bar!! Kudos indeed….

ezz-(1-of-1)written by Dino Hassanfrom The Spindle Atl


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