Beard Glossary

Here are some important terms and definitions for your beard knowledge.

We will update this post periodically as we continue to assemble all the details. 


Yeard – a beard grown for a year without trimming

Terminal beard growth – when a beard has grown as long as allowed by genetics; this could be 12″ or 36″ it just depends

Full-term beard – a beard that is grown through the 9 months of the gestational period of human pregnancy

Beard oil – a blend of oils to be applied to beards directly to increase health and strength to hair; typically consisting of 1 or more carrier oils and 1 or more essential oils

Beard balm – a pomade for a beard; a cream that helps control and shape beard hair

Beard trimmer – usually an electronic trimmer for shaping and shortening beard hair


Types of Facial Hair.

Neck Beard

Garibaldi Beard


Handlebar Moustache

South of the boarder Stache



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