Soap is a weird thing for me. I don’t care much about my skin. I have used bar soap for years straight on my skin without using a wash cloth. I have never used a bar of soap on my beard but I was up for it. So, when Beard Bars send their shower set of soap and conditioner I was in.

The citrus scent of the soap  is subtle but really nice and makes you smell clean. The feeling that you get after washing with it is not quite as harshly stripped of oils as say Irish Springs but still your skin and beard feels clean. The only problem one might have with it is the color. It is naturally colored a reddish-brown which makes the bottom of the tub seem a bit muddy. It doesn’t bother me one bit and it even makes me feel a bit manly as if I had been in the woods all day rather than sewing pen cases. The soap lathers well and does leave you feeling like you got what you paid for.

The downside of this soap is it costs $10 a bar. The disk is about the diameter of a beer can. That’s not much soap for the cost unless you factor in it is designed for your beard and should last a while.


The conditioner is something that I had a bit of trouble with. I have always used liquid conditioners on my beard and  it was easier for me to massage in and didn’t pull many hairs out.

The Beard Bars condition is a hockey puck of tough. I had a hard time to get it to lather for me so I could work it to the skin. Rubbing the bar aggressively on my beard trying to get it to suds up some so I could massage it in, pulled out a few more hairs that I wanted. For shorter beards this product would be great. For my beard I need something that will get in, out and condition with more ease.

Also selling for $10 I don’t know that I can recommend this the same way I can the soap. It will last a very long time due to its density but the easy of use for me wasn’t there. I didn’t want to add another 5-10 minutes to my shower just to make sure I get all of my beard.



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