How long have you been growing your current beard?

I’ve had a beard of some various length since 2004.

When were you last beardless?

I was never good at staying on top of shaving. I always had some sort of stubble going on. One day I just looked up and said “Huh, there’s a beard.” Its been with me ever since.

Do you trim your beard? How do you trim it?

I was a hardcore self trimmer for a long time. Never letting anyone touch my beard. Last year my wonderful girlfriend Bonnie gave me a gift certificate for a beard trim at Mary Todd’s in Cabbagetown. Game changer. I’ve been going to those guys ever since for my cuts.

Do you use beard products like oils, if so what brands and products?

I picked up the products from Beard Bars on a whim during Chomp and Stomp a few years ago and have been really impressed with the shampoo bar and conditioner bar. Leaves just the right amount of oil in there to keep a nice shine. I will leave the conditioner in a couple times a week and that really keeps it tight.

I use a Medium hold pomade from Mary Todd’s for my hair and then run whats left on my hands through my beard and then give a good brushing. Works like a charm.
What do you do?Does your beard affect what you do?

I work for Whole Foods Market and the beard really solidifies my level of trust with customers. I had a lady come to me once and say “You’ve got a beard so you probably know a lot about charcoal.” I just laughed and nodded. “Well…yeah. I do”


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