Name: Christopher Sweeney

Social Handle: IG @SeeSweeney

Website: &

How long have you been growing your current beard?


When were you last beardless? 

4mo, I start growing a beard late every summer. It takes me about 3 mo to get to the fullness that i like.

Do you trim your beard?

I strive for length not girth.

How do you trim it?

I keep the sides trimmed but let the bottom grow long… until march or april. I will then, rejoicing in spring, shave the beard to rock the mustache for most of summer. I repeat the process every year.

Do you use beard products like oils, if so what brands and products?

I wash and condition of my hairs biweekly… you know like pantene pro v or some shit… whatever is in the shower at the time.

What do you do?

Outfitter for Bad Ass Outdoors and Bartender at 12 South Taproom and Grill … yeah, a craft beer bar… go figure.

Does your beard affect what you do?

People always want to discuss my beard and ask me questions about it. Therefor I would say it inhibits my job performance.

I am not committed to any one beard of hair style, I am lucky enough to have the hair, first of all, but truly lucky to be supported by friends and family that continue to love me regardless of how i look.



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