We recently placed an order for a number of combs to try out here at the Beard Friendly HQ. The Go Comb was the one that I wanted to try the most. The wide tooth spacing and the compact size seemed on point for my EDCC (everyday carry comb). I wasn’t the first of the crew to try this comb out but we all came to the same conclusion: great concept with poor execution.

The metal teeth are flat and relatively smooth to the touch. Once the comb hits your beard it starts to pull and yank in the worst kind of way. The end of the tooth on good combs are rounded in all directions where the go comb is only rounded in one way. It’s like raking a crude fork through your beard.

The small holes added to design detail and perhaps weight also snags on the beard. With a short beard you may not have the issue with the small decorative holes but anything longer than the shortest tooth you will run into it. If you have a curly beard these problems are amplified. It is just about unusable if you don’t have child thin hair.

I could continue going and try to find a high point here but it’s not worth it. We put this comb on our buy list for the holidays and now I instantly regret it. My excitement got the best of me. We have one to offer for a give away but I would rather not submit our readers to that. So stay tuned for a few good combs and giveaways coming soon.


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