Name: Kevin Penley

Beard Club: SCALPERS/bc (prospect – he hasn’t gone bald yet)

Social Handle: @Gear_Compass


How long have you been growing your current beard?

I have been growing my beard for about 5 years. But I’ve been trying since birth.

When were you last beardless?

The last time I was beardless was about 2009.

Do you trim your beard? How do you trim it?

I do trim my beard because I have curly, crazy hairs. I use an electric beard trimmer I got many years ago for Christmas. I use scissers alot as well, very carefully.

Do you use beard products like oils, if so what brands and products?

I use Beard Friendly Tamer – it’s the only thing that keeps these crazy face hairs under control.

What do you do? Does your beard affect what you do?

I work in the outdoors industry selling outdoor gear. I also write a blog about gear. Having a beard in the outdoors retail world is a given; plus I hate to shave so the more hair on your face the better. It doesn’t hinder me in any way – unless i get something stuck in there and I don’t know while I’m talking to a customer.


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