BOTW – Zach Lutz

Name: Zach Lutz
Social Handle: @cogzillaattacks

How long have you been growing your current beard?
– This January I’ll be at two years since my last closest shave.
When were you last beardless?
– I’ve never been a fan of shaving and have always kept a very short beard, at most trimming with an electric trimmer with no guard. I used to wear a short beard of about a 2-3 guard on the electric trimmer. I have since forgiven myself for that and have been growing non-stop.
Do you trim your beard? How do you trim it?
– Not since January 2014. I went to “The Shave” barbershop and had my neckline cleaned up and a few strays cleaned up here and there but no loss of length.
Do you use beard products like oils, if so what brands and products?
– I have tried some out, but I’ve found lately that keeping it rinsed, but never overly shampooed and using the leftover bit of Murray’s pomade on my hands after applying it to my hair works out great for keeping things in check for me.
What do you do? Does your beard affect what you do?
– By day I work in the construction industry and by afternoon and night I’m an avid cyclist. My beard doesn’t really make any waves at the day job as much as it does in cycling… while racing I get a lot of comments about the “aerodynamics” of my beard and how much faster I could potentially be without it. How dare they.

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