Brief: Fine Dressing with a Beard

Men with beards are more and more seen as real humans again. For a while there in the brief history of humanity the beard was seen as a Harley riding criminal. Now we can see sophistication becoming a synonym for many beards. That means when you go to your next job interview, don’t shave. Groom properly and let all melt in the brilliance of your man hood. Bellow are some quick styles for beards when looking professional. At a certain point you will no longer be able to wear your favorite bow tie so learn to tie a Windsor.

Topping It Off:

When you have a nice shape on the bottom add a nice shape on the top. A hat is a great way to elevate an outfit and to add a sense of old-fashioned-astuteness. This fadora is a great choice for a smaller brim check out a trilby or pork pie hat.




The 90s Professional:

When you have a job interview that still runs like they just exited the 80s you need to dress the part. This nice relaxed pant and slightly tailored waist jacket are perfect. A simply shirt/tie combo will take you to the top. This look also works well with heavier beard growers and allows for full comfort.



The High and Fit:

This look is something that will put you in the time of post WW2 Mods. You can be sure to get a few looks. To set it off go with an alternate patterned vest.


Loose and Casual:

Keep the buttons undone and show a bit of chest hair. This is a great look for evening drinks or a casual business meeting. It is enough to show effort and style.


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