No-Shave November Is Here!

no shave november

no shave november

So we were thinking that we wanted to do something¬†this month to participate in the facial hair fueled awareness campaigns like that one that starts with an M. We’re obviously all about the facial hair, so why not give back? Tis the season!

But as we started looking into it, we noticed that the M campaign rules say you have to start with a clean shaven face and that a beard is considered “faking it.” What the what? That’s just wrong!

movember rule 3 no beards

So we kept on looking. And that’s how we found the fine folks at No-Shave November. Unlike that M campaign, No-Shave November embraces the beard.¬†Why exclude the always bearded?

So to encourage you all to grow or continue to grow long & strong, Beard Friendly will donate 30% of its profits for the month of November to No-Shave November.

Get your holiday shopping done early, avoid expensive overnight shipping charges, avoid the malls, or just get yourself a little something to support that beard growth and know that part of it will be headed to a good cause. Or you can donate directly here.

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