5 Halloween Costume Ideas for the Bearded Man

halloween costume ideas for bearded men

Uh oh, it’s a week before Halloween, you know you’re going out, and you have no costume ideas. We’re here to help!

We’ve put at least 10 minutes worth of thought into these Halloween costume ideas for the bearded man, none of which are Jack Sparrow. So check them out!

Halloween costume ideas for the bearded man

#1 Sigmund Freud

sigmund freud

3-piece suit, cigar, pad & paper, flour up that beard if it isn’t gray yet. Easy!

#2 Fidel Castro

fidel castro

Get some greens from the surplus store & just paint on the decorations with fabric paint. Oh, you’ll definitely need a cigar for this one. The beard can be gray or dark, it doesn’t matter, both work.

#3 Jerry Garcia

jerry garcia

You’ve got a little leeway with the costume on this one. The hair & beard is most important. A toy or cardboard guitar. Aviator sunglasses as pictured or round metal rimmed frames. Black t-shirt or black button up shirt and jeans. Maybe a little 420, laws permitting.

#4 Buddy Jesus

buddy jesus

You may need a wig to pull off the hair, but you should be able to cobble something together for the outfit from thrift store finds. Check nightgowns, sheets, and curtains for draping material. The sacred heart could be made out of cardboard.

#5 Sideshow Bearded Lady

bearded lady

This is what you get for waiting until the last minute. Now, go to the thrift store & grab the first dress you can find that fits. That’s your costume. Suck it up. If you really want to get into it, Wet & Wild makeup is cheap.

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