This beard is all about the heat.

This beard is all about the heat.

I am writing this because I am close to a 1000 miles closer to the equator than I normally am.  With that brings heat… a kind of heat this beard isn’t used to… especially without air conditioning.

Tropical Weather and Beards could be a recipe for disaster, but we’ve created some tips to keep you less miserable on this hot endeavor.  Depending on the “size” of your beard, you can experience different types of heat:

  • New beards as compared to no beards will experience facial heat… the best way to get around that is to get a hat… brim in the front will shade your fuzz.
  • In-Betweeners will get facial heat and neck sweat.  Hats can help a little… but you will need more than that.  Grab a cool rag and find a nice shady spot to escape the heat.
  • Wizard beards have it the worst.. Facial, neck and chest sweats.   Our options are cool water and air conditioning.  Good luck wise ones, keep ‘er dry.

When I asked everyone around the office about their tips for keeping their beardedness cool, here is what they had to say:

  • Spray Fans are the JAM!
  • If it’s long enough.. Braid it or put it in a Bronytail
  • Go for a run (aka. Artificial Breeze)
  • Move to Canada you whiny baby

I have personally tested all of these (but moving to Canada) and they all work.  My favorite on a hot day… find some water (pool, lake, ocean) and hop the hell in, find a cool drink and stay ’til the sun goes down.


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