Name: Myke Hurley

Social Handle: @imyke

Website: Relay.FM

How long have you been growing your current beard?
I have started growing my beard out a bit thicker and longer for maybe the last yer. I decided I would start making it look fuller in January, after a lot of deliberation. I trim it back every now and then, still trying to achieve the perfect length.

When were you last beardless?
I haven’t been clean shaven in 10 years, since I was 16. I’ve just gone through different variation of ‘stubble’ and fuller beard length.

Do you trim your beard? How do you trim it?
I trim it with scissors if I just want to make some light adjustments. If I want to bring the whole thing back a bit, I have an electric razor for that. I use a standard razor to tidy things up, like my neck.

Do you use beard products like oils, if so what brands and products?
I use some products from Harry’s (razor and moisturiser) and I also use a moisturiser from a UK company called Murdock. No oils… Yet 😉

What do you do? Does your beard affect what you do?
Not at all. As I now work for myself as a podcaster (WE WANT TO COMMEND MYKE FOR DOING THIS), I make the rules! But when I worked in Marketing, it was never a problem.


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