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Anyone that has grown a beard for any length of time knows, zippers suck. This is a look at some Beard Friendly clothes for the cool, Fall season. We have a selection of staples that everyone should having hiding in the closet.

  • A basic t-shirt is a great way to start (this is the wrinkled one from the floor, it works)
  • Having a decent thin thermal shirt is great. Henley’s work well for this too.
  • A flannel shirt isn’t just for the 90’s it’s for now.
  • A shawl or full button collared pullover sweater is a must. It helps elevate your look from grunge or trailsman to sophisticated book reader.
  • A light-weight, packable button up will save you this season. The synthetic fill helps retain body head and the thin weight leaves you mobile (no Chirstmas story here).

Whatever you style may be, make sure you make it Beard Friendly.




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