comeatmebroHow many times have we heard the following…

“Hey man, have you seen Duck Dynasty?  You totally look like that guy”

“Hey ZZTop.”

Etc, etc, etc.  All brilliant.  NOT.

Here are some general tips when coming in contact with a beard.  (Disclaimer: Not all beards are the same, hence GENERAL.)

  1. Unless you are willing to hook up with said beard and the feelings mutual, NO, YOU CANT TOUCH THE BEARD.
  2. Asking how long we have been growing our beards is dumb.  Expect a smart-ass answer.  In fact, if you get slapped, don’t wonder why.
  3. Thinking its funny to act like you are gonna cut our beard is grounds for getting you ass kicked.
  4. Don’t stare.  Most of us carry weapons.

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