Beard Bars is a local Atlanta, GA company which makes me 100% more likely to try it. I met the beard behind the brand at a recent festival, and I must to thank them for the samples I have to review. What I like about the brand is they are offering a good number of products like beard wax, ‘stache wax, shaving cream, soap, and conditioner. All of their items are made in house, in the A.

I have used beard balms in the past and they are alright. I am a beard oil guy because I like my beard to look and feel natural. The Beard Wax is a bit different because of the application. It works more like a mustache stick for your beard. To apply it you twist the knob at the bottom and to expose some wax. Then wipe in a downward direction directly onto your beard. Then run your hands through your beard or comb to disperse evenly.

If you want to style your beard, this is the best product I have found. It will hold a handlebar mustache and can even give you a sturdy split beard. My beard flays out from my face some and this can put a full drop on it from the top of my ear down. If you want to make your beard more round, it will do that to. It takes some time to figure out how much to put it to get the hold you want, but that will all come in time.

It double as a mustache wax which is nice so you can really show the separation of the two. No balm I have used has given this effect so dramatically. The scent is nice and natural smelling without being overpoweringly beeswaxy. But, applied in mass make sure that you aren’t sensitive to smells because the fragrance lasts all day, with the citrus scent at least. (THEY DO OFFER AN UNSCENTED PRODUCT).



The issue I have is once it’s in, even after clogging up my comb after combing, is it’s sticky. This isn’t a terrible thing but I touch my beard through the day, probably more than I should. Like all waxes if you don’t work with it enough you can have dry waxy clumps in your beard which is rather unappealing. A day after using it and a thorough wash there was residue in my beard which was mildly displeasing. I like to know that my beard is breathing and able to absorb nutrients from my beard oil. This being a wax, it doesn’t really get to your skin. Some of the nutrients that the beeswax or shea butter may offer is lost due to it’s semi-solid state.

Though I was sold on the application process of this wax, it is meant for someone that wants to keep their beard in shape all day and doesn’t touch their beard much. I will use it occasionally I am sure, for the upcoming Battle of the Beards Atlanta perhaps.

For only $18 you can grab this product and more from Beard Bars. Their website seems some to be desired but the ordering system works, so make sure to snag something and nurture your beard.


More reviews of Beard Bars products coming soon.


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